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five elective courses are offered BY HAMILTON COUNTY SCHOOLS in 29 participating middle and high schools (grades 6-12). A FEDERAL COURT HAS APPROVED THE bible AS THE TEXTBOOK AND PRIMary source. NO TAXPAYER DOLLARS ARE USED.

Bible History elective courses are non-sectarian. Teachers are required to teach from a viewpoint-neutral perspective and adhere to a court-approved curriculum.  Each course allows students to critically engage with the text and to gain a general understanding of the ways in which the Bible has influenced world history, literature, music, art, and culture, etc. The Bible History program seeks equal access for all students.

1. GENESIS:  6th Grade
In this class, students will study the narratives of the creation, the flood, and the Patriarchs, through the line of Jacob.

2. EXODUS:  7th Grade
In Exodus, students will study the Ten Plagues, the liberation of the people from Egypt, the wanderings in the wilderness, the giving of the Ten Commandments, and the death of Moses.

3. LIFE OF JESUS:  8th Grade
This course is designed around the book of Luke to give an academic overview of the life of Jesus, including his early life and ministry, through the Ascension.

This course provides an academic overview of the entire Old Testament studying the three parts of the biblical canon: (1) the historical narratives; (2) the books of Wisdom; and, (3) the Prophets.

This course provides an academic overview of the entire New Testament. Students engage in a comparative study of the four Gospels and trace the development of the early Christian church and Paul’s Epistles.

“Hamilton County Schools is committed to providing students with a world-class education, which includes making sure they develop a broad understanding of the events, writings, and ideas that have shaped Western society and culture.” – Dr. Bryan Johnson, Former Superintendent, Hamilton County Schools

"The Hamilton County public school Bible History program has been a daily dispenser of hope in this community and reflects the generosity of so many committed partners. Studying Bible History in our schools helps ground and awaken students to the rich cultural footprint that the Bible has had on history, while offering students hope, values that lend toward responsible citizenship, and life lessons relevant to some of the tough issues youth wrestle with daily. We believe that a knowledge of the Bible is a key component to a well-rounded education that encourages students to not just be passive observers of society, but active contributors in a global world. Thank you to all who have donated generously to enrich our public schools with a text that crosses all cultural, socioeconomic, and racial barriers, while still touching lives each day." – Mrs. Cathy Scott, President, Bible in the Schools

"The first and almost the only book deserving of universal attention is the bible." - John quincy adams (6th president of the united states, 1825-1829)

“This class has really changed the way I view and understand the Bible. This class has improved my ability to analyze and ask questions about the things I read and to consider the context of what I’m reading.” – Bible History Student

"...Whether a student is religious or not, this course gives us a knowledge of the foundation of our culture." – Bible History Student

"Bible History has made a difference in my life because I’m starting to understand the Bible more. The more I understand, the more I want to learn." – Bible History Student

“It’s important that everyone knows a little bit about the Bible. It has a huge impact on our lives and as a country.” – Bible History Student

“I feel like learning and expanding my knowledge past the regular core classes is great. Bible History is a great class for non-religious or religious students everywhere.” - Bible History Student

“Throughout this school year I have learned many interesting historical facts that were not reviewed in a regular history class.” - Bible History Student

“I am now able to learn about the Bible and its impact it has on the world. I find Bible History very interesting and now I can learn about it more.” - Bible History Student

“Bible History has taught me how to take notes from a complicated text, like the Bible.” - Bible History Student

“I have enjoyed learning new things about the Bible. I never knew it had influenced our culture so much before.” - Bible History Student

“Bible History has made a difference in my life by showing me that no one is perfect because I have always felt like I was nothing, but this class has showed me that I am something.” - Bible History Student