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celebrating the IMPACT

matthew smith, Former bible history teacher, hixson high school 

I had a student who was a (self)-proclaimed atheist. And he would always challenge me in class, and I let him know this is not “Atheism v. Christianity” class, this is Bible History. But as the class moved on, he began to open his mind to some of the philosophies in the Bible. Not that he was sold on everything, but he started to say, ‘Hey, there’s some good truth in here that even I can listen to, even about morality.’ So even an atheist can say, ‘I may not believe this aspect of Christ’s life, but I look at the Proverbs, the Psalms, and just how to live a good healthy life.’ I think that planted a seed in his heart that hopefully will continue to grow as maybe he takes my class again later in his career.