What? You can teach the Bible in public schools?
It's Legal...Protected By The Constitution!

Since 1922, Bible in the Schools has given over 300,000 of Chattanooga and Hamilton County students the opportunity to elect the study of the world's most influential and popular book, the Bible. The Federal Courts have affirmed that teaching the Bible in our public schools is a constitutionally protected freedom! Students in Hamilton County's middle schools and high schools can elect up to five different Bible History courses.

  • Sixth Grade - Genesis
  • Seventh Grade - Exodus
  • Eighth Grade - Life of Jesus
  • Ninth through Twelfth Grades
    • Bible History I - Old Testament Survey
    • Bible History II - New Testament Survey

These courses are taught by certified teachers, employed by the Hamilton County Department of Education. No tax monies are used to support the teachers. All funding comes from private sources.

The conditions under which Bible courses can be offered and taught constitutionally are:

  • Teachers must be employed and supervised by the Hamilton County Department of Education.
  • Teachers must be certified and have a minimum of 12 semester hours of Bible courses as part of their college education.
  • Bible courses are elective and credit is given for their study.
  • No religious proselytizing, sectarianism, nor denominationalism is permitted in class.
  • The curriculum is court approved.

Public School Bible Study Committee
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