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Positive Message in a sea of noise

many YOung, empty lives are hardened by postmodern culture

With lewd music, police raids and online bullying affecting even Hamilton County’s “safest” schools, the fields are much more barren than one might think.

We sat down and talked to several Hamilton County students, and here’s what they told us:

  • Frequent sex from a young age has become normal.

  • Abortion is part of many young people’s experience, often encouraged by peers or parents.

  • Drugs are easy to find, even in school.

  • Popular music celebrates violence, criminal behavior and disrespect of women.

  • Intelligence, kindness and selflessness are considered “weak” and “useless”.

Students also face a culture that is openly hostile to the Bible, yet which tolerates almost every other belief system. Is it any wonder how confused so many young people have become, overwhelmed by a wave of negative messages?

While the Bible is studied from a historical perspective, its words are powerful and capable of producing significant change in attitudes and behaviors. These classes are producing positive impact on young lives weathered by drugs, violence and broken homes.