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Schools offering bible history

Hamilton county public middle & High schools, 2016-2017

Exciting news:

Red Bank High School and Sale Creek Middle/High School will be adding a Bible History elective at the start of the 2017-2018 school year, due to the special generosity of our community!

Brainerd High School 

Brown Middle School

Central High School 

Dalewood Middle School

East Hamilton School

East Lake Academy

East Ridge High School

East Ridge Middle School

Hixson High School

Hixson Middle School

The Howard School

Hunter Middle School

Loftis Middle School

Ooltewah High School

Ooltewah Middle School

Red Bank High School - Starting August 2017

Red Bank Middle School

Signal Mountain Middle/High School

Sale Creek Middle/High School - Starting August 2017

Soddy Daisy High School

Soddy Daisy Middle School

Tyner Academy