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Good for Our Community


Biblical knowledge is good for Chattanooga's young people.

  • The Bible is undoubtedly the most influential book in Western Civilization. The foundational principles for our government, families, culture, and society are all found in the Bible. No single book has influenced art and music as much as the Bible.

  • Almost half of the students taking a Bible course have no familiarity with biblical literature, and a large percentage have never owned a Bible, which is made available for classroom study. Nevertheless, Bible History is one of the most popular electives in the middle and high schools of Hamilton County, Tennessee.

  • With all the concern over character, no program is better positioned to touch more students quantitatively or qualitatively. Independent research shows that biblical knowledge creates intrinsic motivation that has a very powerful and positive effect on everyday life, affecting personal happiness, family stability, crime reduction, alcohol and drug abuse prevention, altruism, and self-discipline.

  • In Hamilton County's public schools where the study of the Bible is offered, nearly 70% of all students will elect to take one or more Bible courses before graduating.

Chattanooga has the only known court-approved program in the United States.

  • Since a federal test case in the 1970's, the program is court approved.

  • Teachers are certified, qualified and respected by students, faculty and administrators. The school system employs the teachers (who may also teach other courses) at normal pay and benefit levels. Funding is privately provided at no cost to the taxpayer.

  • Teachers avoid denominational controversy and encourage students with doctrinal questions to seek out a pastor or rabbi.

  • The teachers use the Bible as a textbook and teach its history and what the Bible says about the nature of God and man. The goal is for each student to have an informed knowledge of the Bible as a foundation for establishing his own values, character, and lifestyle.