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about bible in the schools 

Since 1922 with little publicity or fanfare, public school students in Hamilton County, TN, have received the opportunity to study the Bible, history’s most influential book, at no cost to taxpayers.


  • Bible history classes are available to more than 14,257 students in 19 public middle and high schools.

  • This year, an estimated 4,000 students will elect Bible history courses.

  • It is estimated that almost half of the students taking a Bible course have no familiarity with biblical literature, and a large percentage have never owned a Bible.

  • Many students today who are battered by the winds of postmodern culture find comfort in studying the Bible.


  • Bible history classes are funded totally by voluntary contributions: no tax dollars.

  • Classes are electives (voluntary) and for credit.

  • The Bible history curriculum meets all legal requirements. The  Bible is studied from an historical vs. religious or denominational standpoint.

  • Classes are currently offered in 10 middle schools and 9 high schools. Middle school students study Genesis, Exodus, and the Life of Jesus (using Luke). High school students study Old Testament Survey and New Testament Survey.


  • Bible history teachers are certified, qualified and respected by students, faculty and administrators.

  • Teachers are employees of Hamilton County Department of Education (HCDE), and  Bible in the Schools reimburses HCDE for teacher salaries and benefits.

  • The approximate cost to fully fund a Bible history teacher is $75,000 per year.